Student Honor Code

As a student in the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications, I commit to endorse and defend our historic responsibility of ethical and factual communication. I understand that my work will be held to a strict standard of integrity and honor established in the School’s values statements and any violation will be seen as a breach of the public’s trust. I declare my commitment to these principles established in the journalism and mass communication professions:

I will assume responsibility for my work.
I will distinguish between facts and opinions.
I will verify my sources and my information.
I will be fair and inclusive in conveying information.
I will not distort or misrepresent information in pursuit of my own agenda.
I will create original work.
I will not plagiarize.
I will not fabricate work.
I support our legacy of professional journalism and mass communications.

The Honor Code was created by the Journalism Student Leadership Board and approved by faculty in 2018.