Mentee FAQs

Having a mentor can give you an idea of what the “real world” looks like but also have someone to relate your experiences with. Learn more about how a mentor can help you launch your career.


A mentee is a current KU J-School student wanting to expand their professional network, have their resume critiqued or learn more about the industry in which they are interested in entering. A mentee can be a student of any age. It is the expectation of the mentee to initiate the conversation with the mentor.

A traditional connection (also known as a long-term mentorship) is intended to last the duration of nine months, or one academic year, as to complete a series of “career milestones” together with the mentor. Flash mentoring is intended for shorter-term connections. At the minimum, it is expected that in a “Flash” mentorship, you will meet with your mentor for at least one 30-minute meeting to discuss a specific event or topic, though you are not limited to one meeting.

Not at all. Flash mentorship is probably the right option for you. If you are starting the job hunt or unsure about what direction you’re going after graduation, having a mentor may greatly benefit your decision-making process regarding your career and help you to network with other Jayhawks in the city where you hope to work.

In a traditional connection, it is recommended and expected that you communicate with your mentee/mentor at least once every six weeks. In a flash mentorship, you are only required to meet once for 30 minutes but can continue communication on an as-needed basis.

Method(s) of communication should be agreed upon by you and your mentor. Communication may take place via email, phone, Skype, Zoom or by meeting in person if your mentor lives or works in the Lawrence/Kansas City area.

Having a mentor can give you an idea of what the “real world” looks like, but also have someone to relate your experiences with. The knowledge that mentors have gained through their academic and professional career can help you. Having someone to check in with you through your milestones of application, interview and success is exciting and holds you accountable.

Visit the KU mentoring website and click “Join Our Community” to register. Once your profile is approved you will be matched with a mentor.