KU alums among KAB Station Excellence Award winners

The Kansas Association of Broadcasters (KAB) Station Excellence Award winners were recently announced, and alums of the University of Kansas School of Journalism and Mass Communications account for 29 of the awards handed out. There were 785 entries into the contest this year. 

The complete list of winners and the winner's gallery are both available to be viewed. This year's winners will be recognized during the KAB Annual Convention in Overland Park on Oct. 23. 


Prime Newscast

  • 2nd WDAF TV, Fox 4 News at 6 April 18 – John Holt 

AM/Noon Newscast

  • 1st KSHB TV, Disruptive Weather, Lauren Wolfe
  • 2nd KMBC 9 First News, KCI Opening Day, Carly Johnson

Hard News feature/enterprise

  • 1st KSHB TV, Without Consent, Sarah Plake
  • 2nd WDAF TV, Broken Record John Holt

News feature

  • 1st WDAF TV, The Boys in the Band, John Holt

In-depth news reporting

  • 1st KMBC TV, KMBC 9 Investigates: Kansas Highway Patrol, Lara Moritz

Single topic event news coverage

  • HM KMBC TV Lara Moritz

Special program

  • 1st KMBC TV, KMBC 9 Chronicle: Race for the River, Pat Shehan
  • 2nd KSHB TV, Road to Arizona, Mick Shaffer

Excellence in Diversity/Equity/Inclusion

  • HM KSHB TV, Steve Silvestri

Large Market

AM/Noon Newscast

  • 2nd KAKE TV, KAKE News at 11 a.m., Brooklinn Rae

Sports feature

  • 2nd KSNW Bethel College’s biggest cheerleader isn’t a student, it’s a man who graduated in 1959, Jason Lamb


  • 1st KAKE TV, Brooklinn Rae

Medium/Non Metro TV

  • Sportscast 1st WIBW, Kansas Prep Zone, Lane Gillespie

Station promotion announcement

  • 1st WIBW -TV, Come Home to 13 News, David Oliver

Recurring program

  • 1st WIBW TV, The Drive, Michael Swain

Large Market Radio

Hard news feature/enterprise story

  • 1st, KMBZ FM, Fentanyl Awareness with Captain John Diaz, Scott Parks and Dana Wright
  • HM KMBZ FM, Jackson County Property Tax Assessments Interview, Scott Parks and Dana Wright

Complete sportscast by local station

  • 2nd WIBW AM, June 6 Morning Sports Headlines, Brendan Dzwierzynski

Medium Market Radio

Hard news feature/enterprise story

  • 1st KANU FM, Finding Ways to Save Rural Kansas Hospitals, J. Schafer
  • 2nd KANU FM, Kansas Governor Set to Clash with GOP Lawmakers over Tax Cuts, J Schaefer

News feature

  • 1st KANU FM, Kansas Gets Ready to Help Small Businesses Hurt by Pandemic Orders, J. Schafer

Sports feature

  • 1st KANU, Granny Basketball in Kansas: Not a Tall Order, J. Schafer Complete severe weather coverage
  • 2nd KVOE AM, Dylan Sherwood


  • 1st KANU, Kansas Residents Resist Solar Farm Idea for Cheyenne Bottoms, J. Schafer
  • 2nd, KANU, Remembering Black Sunday: April 14, 1935, J. Schafer
  • HM, KANU, Joys of an All You Can Eat Buffet, J. Schafer

Station website

  • 1st KVOE AM, Dylan Sherwood