Katich Creativity Award


The award is named in honor of John Katich, a dedicated teacher who loved students and inspired them to exceed even their own lofty expectations. He valued ideas that helped students learn and get excited about learning. Among his achievements were the establishment of the sales curriculum, the enhancement of the professionalism of KJHK, and the creation of KUJH- TV. John’s commitment to students and accomplishments as a teacher inspired the school, his family and friends to establish this award.


The winner will receive $1,000, her or his name on a permanent plaque, and a memento.


  • The annual award will go to a tenure-track or tenured faculty member who has demonstrated creativity in teaching, research, service, or a combination of these areas. Past winners will be eligible again in five years.
  • The creativity may have been manifest in a class, a single class lesson, an advising or mentoring procedure, a research activity, or exemplary service to the School, KU, the profession, or the community.
  • The creativity may relate to a single event or a body of work. We define a creativity as something that is 1) novel, 2) useful, and 3) not obvious to someone in journalism education. (This is adapted from the definition of an invention by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.)
  • A fourth factor often associated with creativity is the element of surprise.
  • Keep in mind the importance of the Katich concept of challenging and helping students.


  • We encourage all faculty members to nominate eligible colleagues for this award. We also encourage self-nominations. We realize this faculty is modest about its accomplishments, but please put your modesty aside for this award.
  • Prepare a 1-2 page statement explaining the way (or ways) you or your nominee has met the creativity criteria. Please outline what you have done this past year or in past years that has been creative and enhanced the learning experience for our students. Attach any pertinent examples or evidence.
  • A committee comprised of the previous two awardees will review the statements and make recommendations to the dean who will make the final decision. The award will be made at the final faculty meeting of the academic year.