Catering request form

Advance notice and coordination is essential for J-School staff to plan a successful event. If you need food or catering at your event, please fill out this form and be mindful of the advance notice needed:

  • One-week minimum notice for pizza, cookies/doughnuts/cupcakes or snacks
  • Two-week minimum notice for boxed lunches 
  • Six-week minimum notice for full catering
  • Two-month minimum for large groups of 50 or more

Attention event hosts in Dole: Please note that while Kerry can place orders for food, limited assistance is available for receiving and setting up the food. For events including food held in Dole, it is recommended you select a restaurant that offers delivery services. It is strongly encouraged to host your events in Stauffer-Flint Hall for better support and convenience.

If you have questions, please contact Kerry Navinskey or Suzy DePardo.