Travis Calvin

Travis Calvin

Multitask; stay on the move

Travis Calvin is a junior in the School of Journalism. He is from Shawnee, Kansas, and is studying broadcast journalism. While at KU, he has actively worked with KUJH-TV and Rock Chalk Video, and has also covered multiple sporting events including men’s basketball and baseball.

I grew up with a huge love affair with basketball. Both my parents went to Kansas State, and here I am as a little 3-year-old screaming, “Rock Chalk Jayhawk” because Drew Gooden’s throwing down dunks on K-State players. It was an automatic pick for me.

I have an insane competitive side. I like things to be all or nothing on me. I don’t want anyone else to share the blame for something I do wrong.

My junior year of high school is when it clicked for me: sports journalism. I started making weekly pump-up videos that they would play during lunch. I called it a high school game day. I’m pretty sure I got on prom court because my face was all over the cafeteria all the time.

Both my mom and my dad were really hands-off when I was growing up. Of course they would do basic parental things. They weren’t helicopter parents, but they weren’t do-whatever-you-wanna-do-with-your-life parents. They let me feel out what to do in situations. I feel like they had a certain expectation for what they wanted of me, but they never said what that expectation would be. In my brain I always knew what it was, and I wanted to pursue it and make them proud.

I work the graphics for ESPN3 for all our baseball games this year. That takes a lot of time.

Friday night? I’m probably working. There’s a silly thing called class that’s in between everything else I have to do a little work for every now and then.

A lot of my friends call me the candy plug. I almost always have a bag of either Sour Patch Kids or sour gummy worms. I've never had a cavity.

I traveled with KUJH last year with the [basketball] team to Louisville to cover the Sweet 16 and Elite Eight. I’d never been on something along those lines before, being behind the scenes with all these huge media hotshots – the entire KC Star, all these ESPN dudes. All next to me, and I’m doing the same stuff. We put out about 16 or 17 stories in a four-day span.

Allen Fieldhouse is my favorite place on campus – I work there almost every day. It’s such a feeling of…you know what? That’s really dank.

Chris Bacon, the executive producer and adviser for KUJH, has been with me ever since I was a scared little freshman, a 210-er on cameras for KUJH News. He’s been working with me since then and helped mold me to be the storyteller I am today. Now he’s mostly hands-off, just like, “I know what you can do.”

I’m an intern for the United States Tennis Association. They’ve had me on since last July for what was supposed to be a three-month internship that has turned into what I think is a permanent internship. I do video stuff for them.

A good society, in my opinion, comes from people being able to understand one another and sympathize with one another. I’m a Spanish minor and my idea behind that is that I want to be able to understand the language and culture so I can understand the people.

I’ve never been happy with any kind of story I do. I always look back and I’m like, “Oh, I could’ve done this, this, this.”

Matt Clough is a senior from Wichita, Kansas, majoring in English and journalism. He is the digital operations editor for The University Daily Kansan and a research editor for the Undergraduate Research Journal for the Humanities.​ Following graduation, he'll be interning at the Kansas City Star through the Dow Jones News Fund.